School Enrichment

Week 6 (July 23 - 27)


"It's Not Easy Being Green"

Week 7 (July 30 - Aug 3)


"Who Needs Bugs?"

Week 8 (Aug 6 - 10 )


"Fun, Fur & Feathers"

Week 9 (Aug 13 - 17)


"On Our Mark, Get Set, Go !"

Latchkey and Extended Day Care

Summer Camp

 Week 1 (June 18 - 22)


"Matter and Energy"

Week 2 (June 25 - 29)


"Forces and Motion"

Week 3 (July 2 - 6 )*


"Ever Green, Ever Blue"

Week 4 (July 9 - 13)


"3-2-1 Blast Off!"

Week 5 (July 16 - 20)


"The Fossil Trail"

Field Trips

Summer Discovery Camp

This program is conducted from 7:00am to 9:00am and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on school days. We follow the Huron Valley School District calendar as closely as possible with regard to holiday and emergency closings. 

The Montessori extended day program is an "extension" of the Montessori sessions. It may be used in conjunction with the Montessori programs, or as before and after school care by older siblings at Kurtz Elementary or Country Oaks Elementary. It is designed so that siblings of working parents may have more time to interact with each other.

The goal of the program is to provide a relaxed, nurturing environment while offering enrichment activities which allow for freedom of expression and growth in socialization. A variety of activities will be offered in areas of small and large motor development, cooperative games, arts and crafts, Tumble Tots with Mr. Robby, "pretend play," gardening and care of the outdoor environment, computer, etc.

The emphasis is on creating a sense of "extended family."

Field trips are an important enrichment opportunities for children and parents alike! We offer several "away" and "home" field trips throughout the year. Past "away" field trips in the fall, spring, and summer have included visits to the apple orchard, St. Joseph Health Exploration Station, County Parks presentations, Cranbrook, and many more! "In-House" field trips during poor weather have included Science Alive, museum outreach programs for physical and natural science, and cultural presentations. 

Each year we hold an eight week summer camp. It is a great way to introduce the Montessori environment to the new children enrolled for fall, meeting new friends and teachers, while providing social experiences and fun for returning children who find summer a little too long!

The Summer Program at Milford Montessori has been designed to capture the interest of the child with a sequence they can relate to and interact with, regardless of age, session or number of weeks enrolled. The aim of the program is to give each child the opportunity to discover his/her own abilities and creativity through an active role in the program. The emphasis will be on cooperation and respect for individual ability and......

Having a great time!!

You may enroll for one or all weeks of our program. Call the school for a more detailed brochure of this year's activities and programs.

Summer Camp Activities - 2018

All classrooms are equipped with a full range of age appropriate Montessori materials and support materials. All programs are supplemented by music, Spanish, German, French, art, physical education, drama, technology and field trips. We also have many great opportunities for parents to become involved in our program from one day a year to one day a week!